Crockpot recipes

Spotted Dick or Spotty Dog – English Pudding Recipe

By: Paul hussey | Sep 11, 2010 Many food stuffs are synonymous with iconic English Dishes. We in England may have strange names for our quality food but at least we don't eat Pets like the french who eat Horses, Frogs and Pet Birds. I thought as Spotted Dick is an Iconic English Pudding and Recipe I thought I would tell its history.

English Mustard – It's History

By: Paul hussey | Sep 10, 2010 I thought as English Mustard is an Iconic English sauce I thought I would tell its history. Oner of the most commonest English meals is Roast Beef, Roast Potato's, Brussel Sprouts, Gravy with English Mustard. According to an old saying, Durham City, England was famed for seven things - wood, water and pleasant walks, law, gospel, old maids and mustard.

Some Tips To Make ATasty Pot Roast in Your Crockpot

By: KC Kudra | Aug 2, 2010 If you want to get a tender, juicy roast but do not have to pay much effort on it, then I suggest you should roast in the crockpot. All you have to do is to put in the ingredients and let your crockpot do its thing. You roast will turn moist and tender after a long and slow cooking process.

Crockpot Brown Sugar Glazed Pork Roast

By: Lisa B Scott | Mar 30, 2010 How can you save money on groceries, save time in your day, and still please the whole family? With a recipe that takes advantage of a cheaper cut of meat by cooking it all day in the crockpot, making for an easy dinner when you get home in the evening.

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Cook With Your Crockpot

By: Caley L Walsh | Mar 30, 2010 With the help of a crockpot, you can put in minimal effort to create a thrifty and delicious meal for the whole family. Simply toss in a few ingredients and set on low before heading to work or other responsibilities. Dinner will be ready when you return. Here are 5 quick and easy crockpot cooking ideas to try.

Cooking with a Crock Pot…

By: atul kumar kushwaha | Oct 8, 2009 Crock pot cooking has a glorious past! In grandma’s day the crock pot was called the slow cooker. She would load it up with roast beef and potatoes, or chicken and vegetables, and let it simmer all day long, filling the house with the delicious aroma. Crock pot cooking makes it easy to cook a meal to perfection. Tender morsels, rich sauces and broths, all combine in a meal that would have been difficult to achieve without crock pot cooking
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