Healthy Alternatives Of Dairy Ice Cream

By: Daniel Nicholson | Apr 22, 2014 Protein shakes are also a great way to get proteins while you have craving for something ice cool and sweet dessert. Frozen bananas dipped in chocolate can also be good treat for your taste buds while limiting on the calories.

How To Prepare Vegan Ice Cream At Home

By: Daniel Nicholson | Apr 5, 2014 As the summers are approaching and the craving to eat something cool and sweet is going up, more people head toward the ice cream parlors, but as ice creams are made using dairy products so eating them for the people living on a vegan diet is out of the question. But the vegan ice cream can also be prepared with soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk, rice milk containing no dairy products.

Well-balanced Eating Advise for School Going Young boys and girls

By: Steve Bing | Sep 7, 2013 In addition to education and other activities, school age group also is the perfect time for little children to learn about well-balanced eating routine. Youngsters learn quickly in every little thing they're supplied with, so it is crucial that they're surrounded with healthy foods both at family home as well as at school.

Wedding Cake Pictures

By: Theresa Krug | Sep 3, 2013 As years pass by, wedding has developed into a more distinct, classy and elegant way. The careful planning of the wedding venue, the theme, dress and food are all well taken into consideration. Most importantly, the cakes put a huge impact on most weddings as it will be in the spot light when the couple does the cake cutting ceremony. If you want to impress your guests, find some wedding cake pictures to have more inspiration on picking the right cake.

Photo Cakes - A decent way to celebrate your memorable occasion!

By: Ishant Gupta | Jul 15, 2013 This article describes all about the photo cakes and its popularity, photo cakes are the innovative concept to celebrate occasions in India.

Looking for a Pomegranate Juicer Machine?

By: Raul Casiano | Apr 12, 2013 A fruit juice is a great addition to your dieting and detox plan. Pomegranate juice is often touted for its health benefits as it comes with loads of nutrients.

Why Dark Chocolate Cakes are Good Pick?

By: Cesar Grenda | Apr 8, 2013 Chocolate cakes are certainly almost everyone’s all-time favorite. We cannot deny the fact that they have addicting taste and they considerably affect our mood in a more positive way.

Cupcake Decorating Tips

By: Kathy Baylor | Apr 8, 2013 Easy ideas for decorating cupcakes.

How to Choose Low Calorie Desserts?

By: Evan Lambort | Apr 5, 2013 Desserts are generally known to be high on calories and most calorie conscious people think that they have no choice but to stay away from desserts. However, what many people don’t know is that, there are plenty of low calorie desserts to satisfy their sweet tooth. Another myth associated with healthy sweet dishes is that, they lack taste and texture that regular sweets have.

Wow There A Lot Of Popcorn Flavors To Choose From

By: chickie maxwell | Feb 2, 2013 People love snacks and there does not need to be an occasion to break out a bag of something to munch on. Some comfort foods have specific situations where they just feel more appropriate. For example, popcorn is something we associate with ball games, movies and carnivals. You can have it any time you want, but it sometimes tastes better when there is a ballgame in front of it. Some people like t
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