Guttering repair – Understanding the pitfalls of the DIY approach

By: Oliver Louis | Apr 1, 2013 A well-maintained home is no less than a Heaven. In order to hold on to its efficiency and integrity, you need to take proper care of it. From floors to gutters, everything constitutes your home. A poor drainage system can cause massive damage to your property. Therefore, you need a guttering specialist to keep your home in proper working order.

How Many Calories Can You Burn Spring Cleaning in 2013

By: Whiteclean | Mar 29, 2013 Have you ever suspected that home cleaning can be as energy intensive as training professionally or going regularly to the gym? Learn how many calories you could burn when cleaning around your home this spring.

6 Tips on how to keep your home clean on budget

By: Joy Mali | Mar 15, 2013 Want to clean your house on a budget? All you need are the following: an intuitive mind, the ability to calculate and the competence to look for sales in the malls.

Fast and Easy Upholstery Cleaning Guide

By: Whiteclean | Mar 15, 2013 Cleaning upholstered furnishings isn't an easy job. There are lots of things to be taken into consideration and even then a successful outcome isn't guaranteed. However, competent preparation can do a lot to help you make your home upholstery cleaner.

What Are the Advantages Of Solar Power?

By: Nate K | Mar 14, 2013 Have you ever wondered what the advantages of solar power are, and how solar power could help your home energy needs? This article will discuss this topic in greater detail.

Interior design: Painting Cost

By: S.M.Azizur Rahman | Mar 11, 2013 If you think to paint your interior house, you must need to consider the prices. The cost of interior painting differs with various factors.

How Carpet Cleaning Can Save Your Time, Money, Energy And Health?

By: steve williams | Mar 6, 2013 It is continuously sensible to own a clean carpet, as this enables you to roll or sleep within the floor while not having to stress concerning the creation of skin allergies. However, it takes somewhat effort before you'll fancy a clean carpet and fabric reception.

Techniques Professional Painters Use That Can Improve Your Interior Painting Project

By: Seiss Taylor | Mar 4, 2013 There are techniques that any homeowner can use that will improve the results of doing your own interior painting project. In this article I share some methods that professional painters use when they need a real straight line, especially when there is a stark contrast between wall colors and trim color.

7 Things to Clean with Baking Soda

By: Whiteclean | Mar 1, 2013 Baking soda is used widely in the household – it is used for cooking and it is also widely used for cleaning.

How to Clean Your Sofa Without Professional Help

By: Merry Springs | Feb 25, 2013 Quick and easy basic guide to DYI home cleaning of your beloved sofa.
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