Easter Blessings Sayings 2011

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Easter day 2011 will fall on 24th April 2011. We are happy to present you some selected Easter Quotes, Easter Sayings and Easter SMS for you to send to your Christian friends at this meaningful festival. I'm sure they will like it and appreciate your effort.

Here are sweet and meaningful Easter Blessing Sayings for you to give your relative and best friends:

1) Wishing you all the blessings of Easter and the peace of mind that only our risen Lord can provide.

2) The miracle of Easter can be seen in every blossom as we celebrate the Christ, our risen King! Joyous Easter to you.

3) A blessed Easter. As Easter comes again to the world, may the joy of faith be renewed in your heart.

4) Easter: Holy Day of Gladness. At this glad time, may your heart enjoy a sweet renewal. Happy Easter.

5) Praying that your Easter will be filled with renewed hope and great joy. But I will see you again and you will rejoice.

6) Christ is Risen! Celebrating with you God's amazing gift of love. Happy Easter.

7) Easter Blessings. Celebrating with you His gift of eternal life. Happy Easter.

8 ) God be with you at Easter. During this holy season may your heart be filled with love. May Easter blessings shine on you from Heaven up above. May God's gift of redemption be accepted as your own. For He gave to all the greatest gift the world has ever known. May you find the beauty of Easter as this Holy Season nears. May your heart be full of laughter, your eyes be free from tears. May the love you give to others return to you ten-times-ten. And may our Heavenly father bless you over and over again! Happy Easter.

9) Once again, Easter graces our world. Flowers bloom in glorious splendor. Birds sing morning melodies as the dawn breaks. New life is offered to everyone, for Christ is risen from the grave! Happy Easter.

10) An Easter blessing wishing you the joy of faith, the wonder of love, and the hope of eternal life. Happy Easter to you and those closest to your heart!

11) May the miracle of Easter turn every ordinary day into an extraordinary day for you and those you love. Happy Easter!

12) Sharing with you the quiet beauty of God's glorious handiwork. Happy Easter!

13) This Easter, may you see God's greatness in even His smallest creations. Happy Easter!

14) May you see His mighty hand in every detail of your life. Happy Easter.

15) Thanking Him for His sure love - thanking Him for you! Happy Easter

16) Happy Easter! I'm thankful for this day God made, this special season too. But most of all I'm thankful that he made a kid like you.

17) Christ makes all things new. In this holy season, may your faith be renewed in our Lord and Savior. Happy Easter.

18) Happy Easter. Isn't it wonderful being in God's family?

19) Rejoice! Celebrate! Believe! Let the news that Jesus lives fill your very soul with joy. Happy Easter.

20) Easter Blessings. May God seem especially near to you on this holy day.




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Easter Blessings Sayings 2011

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    Jolie- 2011/04/21 11:51:47 am

    sweet and meaningful sayings..........Happy Easter........coming soonnnn ^_^

This article was published on 2011/04/21