Easter Speeches For Children

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I want to tell you a story about a girl named Glinka. Now Glinka got a white rabbit for Easter, a real one in a cage that eats lettuce and carrots and wiggles its nose and hops about.

Glinka's mother said, "Glinka, you may take the rabbit out and play in the back yard, but you have to be a rabbit shepherd."

One afternoon when a friend came over to play, Glinka said to her mother, "May we get Mister Fuzzy out and play with him?"

Glinka had named the rabbit "Mister Fuzzy."

"If you remember how to be a rabbit shepherd, you can," said her mother.
"I remember," said Glinka.
She and her friend went out the back door and over to the shady place where Mister Fuzzy lived in his cage.
"What is a rabbit shepherd?" ask Glinka's friend.
"I'll show you," said Glinka.
Mister Fuzzy hopped around the yard as if he didn't know where to go. Then he hopped toward the little garden over by the back fence.
"Come on," said Glinka to her friend. "We've got to run over and stand in front of Mister Fuzzy so he doesn't eat the lettuce."

Mister Fuzzy turned around and headed toward a hole in the side fence. Before he got there, the neighbor's dog had his nose in the hole showing his teeth and growling a mean growl.
"Mister Fuzzy!" Glinka yelled, and the girls ran to head the bunny off.
"I think Mister Fuzzy is hungry," said Glinka picking him up. "Let's get him some food and clean water."
So, they put Mister Fuzzy back in his cage with new food and water.
"I'm tired of being a rabbit shepherd," said Glinka. "Let's play something else."
Then Glinka's mother came out. "It's time for supper," she said.
"But we only got to play one thing," said Glinka.
"You got be the rabbit shepherd," said her mother, "but, I'm the Glinka shepherd. It's time to come in."

That night when they were getting ready to say prayers, Glinka's mother tucked the covers snugly around Glinka, sat down on the bed and said, "Glinka, you are a good rabbit shepherd. You feed Mister Fuzzy and keep him out of trouble."
"And you are a good girl shepherd," said Glinka. "You always know where I am and you fix good suppers."
"Well," said her mother, "I don't always know where you are, but there is another shepherd who does."
"Who is that?" said Glinka.
"It's Jesus," said her mother. "Jesus always knows where we are and always helps us hop back home."
"We don't hop home," said Glinka. "Mister Fuzzy hops."

Then they said a prayer like this: "Dear Jesus, thank you for being our good shepherd. Keep us out of trouble. Show us what to do. And bring us safely home. Amen."


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Easter Speeches For Children

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    Jolie- 2011/04/20 10:53:42 am

    it was very helpful and i chose one of the poems for my nephew to say for sunday, thanks so muck!

This article was published on 2011/04/20