Feng shui

Bamboo Plants are Lucky Plants

By: Lin Mai | Sep 19, 2011 The use of thriving green plants such as bamboo plants, are ideal and common cures for use in feng shui. These peaceful plants are hardy, flourishing and highly flexible; a great candidate for representing wealth and prosperity.

How Yin Yang Energies Control the World

By: Lin Mai | Aug 24, 2011 The underlying concept of Yin Yang extends all cultures and religions. It is based on the universal law of duality that governs all living things in this world. Everything in life has a natural instinctive cycle that it follows. Yin yang is this cycle.

Feng Shui For Love

By: yasmindass | Jul 9, 2011 Feng Shui - the art of placing objects in buildings to enhance positive energy is extremely popular to bring about changes to normal life. Here are a few tips to help you reignite a dying romance.

Feng shui Plants for All round Prosperity

By: Johndy Sons | Apr 23, 2011 How frequently will you do you feel your depressive mood about the air within your office or perhaps residence? The next thunderstorm of nature can become discordant from time to time. Feng Shui works to continue to keep a enlightening good vigor flow in the aura. The particular Feng shui Plants are best for clear the air of your depressing components away from your space or room.

Feng shui Plants for Total Prosperity

By: johndysons | Apr 22, 2011 How many times do you feel the depressive mood within the air with your office or perhaps residence? The weather of Mother Nature can become discordant often. Feng Shui works to keep a harmonious good vitality flow as part of your aura. This Feng shui Plants are good to clear the air associated with a depressing elements away from your living space.

Crystals Are Used In Feng Shui And Crystals Also Make Awesome Good Luck Amulets!

By: Father Time | Apr 9, 2011 Crystals are found in the outer crust of the Earth, and Mother Earth gave us these for a variety of uses! There are many magical, mystical effects that people derive from crystals, and they can help YOU have better luck!

Thinking about a Haunted Home?

By: ridho | Mar 21, 2011 In relation to ghosts as well as the supernatural, every person has their very own viewpoint about what exactly is actual and what's not. You will discover some who swear they've had an experience that proves without a shadow of the doubt that there's even more heading on within our globe than most of us know. Others are dead positive that there's no like exercise, and that those that believe are just plain nuts.

Feng Shui: Just What Is It?

By: Matt Greene | Jan 12, 2011 Everyone has heard the phrase 'Feng Shui', but not many people really know what it means. We outline the basics to this ancient Chinese system that brings harmony and balance to your environment.

Father Time Recommends You Relax With Your Own Personal Zen Garden!

By: Father Time | Nov 12, 2010 When you want to relax, meditate, de-stress, or escape the world for a few moments, you can do it with a Zen Garden! It is just like your own personal time machine!

Supernatural events in our daily life

By: Sophia Brain | Nov 3, 2010 In many Asian countries, there are a lot of Supernatural events existed among local people. These stories were spread in generations. I would like to share some classic stories with you. Maybe you can treat it as a kind of entertainment, just for fun.
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