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Does Feng Shui Relate to Mobile Homes?

By: Kartar Diamond | May 27, 2010 Do you know that “feng shui” is an ancient system for determining how people are affected by their immediate surroundings?

Things About Feng Shui and the Direction of Northeast

By: Kartar Diamond | May 27, 2010 According to feng shui theory, a time frame of a house called an Era. Each Era lasts twenty years and here we repeat nine Eras.

Relation Between Feng Shui and the Flying Stars

By: Kartar Diamond | May 27, 2010 Are you living in a house that indicated strongly a propensity for the occupants to argue? Do you feel that the location of your bed make you be vulnerable to a miscarriage? Are there unseen energies at the front door which implied that the occupant could be crazy? Furthermore, do next door neighbors confirm that the previous owner could be heard talking to himself/herself and who severely ne

How to Use Wind Chimes in Feng Shui For Career Advancement and More

By: | Apr 18, 2010 In Black Sect Feng Shui, we use wind chimes for a number of cures. The right sounds can effectively adjust the chi of a space, promoting positive attention and improving our mood. You can affect different areas of your life -- including your career and your reputation -- by hanging wind chimes in different rooms.

Seeing the World Through Feng Shui-Tinted Glasses

By: | Apr 17, 2010 To really know somebody, take a peek at what things they have decided to live with. This exercise is much more revealing than words in a conversation!

A Look at My Life Through Feng Shui

By: | Apr 14, 2010 My friend Tracy is a Feng Shui expert and a healer of spaces. She's come to my apartment twice now, and through her, I actually feel like I'm meeting my apartment and becoming friends with this space. It's beginning to feel like home.

Ten Ways to Use Mirrors to Improve the Feng Shui in Your Home

By: | Apr 14, 2010 We use mirrors in Feng Shui in a number of ways to improve the chi of a space, counteracting bad influences, filling in missing pieces of the trigram and improving our fortune. Here are ten ways we can hang a mirror on an interior or exterior wall of our home to improve the Feng Shui.

Clash of the Elements

By: Kartar Diamond | Apr 3, 2010 The Five Element Theory is a part of many mystical and medical traditions from China. This article explains a little bit about the Five Elements and how they work together, as well as what NOT to do.

Do You Need a Feng Shui Consultation

By: Diane Kern | Apr 3, 2010 Each section of your house relates to parts of your body. If your house has problems or a sha in the section that relates to your legs for instance, then you may have trouble with your legs too. The rotating energies of the year, month and day can join together in supportive or non supportive ways. When they meet they can create opportunities for legal problems, gossiping or relationship problems. They might also create opportunities for new romance or make it easier to get and keep money.
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