How We Inherit The Color of Our Eyes

By: Mark Liew | Nov 23, 2012 Most people are aware that the color of a person's eyes are largely determined by the color of their parents' eyes. Simply put, genetics has an influence on melanin, the substance that determines eye color. Although this may seem simple, eye color inheritance is a polygenetic (multiple gene) system which is really somewhat complicated.

DNA Testing and Genealogy - Relatively Speaking

By: Maura | May 31, 2012 Finding a long lost relative can be exciting and taxing at the same time. Our lives are more public than ever with social media websites and sometimes it can be hard to tell who is really on the other side of the screen. At Paternity-USA, we're finding that more and more clients are looking for evidence before a new bond is made. DNA testing can bring clarity to the situation and give you and your family a true picture of the family tree.

Trying To Determine If Two Males Are Related? The Y-STR Y Chromosome Test May Be Right For You!

By: Maura | May 15, 2012 Y-STR or Y chromosome DNA testing is utilized when two males are trying to prove whether a biologic relationship exists between them or not. The Y chromosome that is passed down from male to male in the male lineage virtually is as individual as a fingerprint and changes very little between generations.

Making a Family Tree - Keep Record of Your Family History with Ease

By: Stella Dickinson | May 11, 2012 An article highlighting the importance of creating a family tree and containing basic recommendations how one should do it.

Figuring Out Where You Came From In The 21st Century

By: Jamie Johnson Jr. | Apr 20, 2012 A summary of the new tools available to track your ancestors and other tools to figure out where you came from to take advantage of in the 21st century.

Visit Glass Tec for purchasing Windows in Harrogate

By: celina thomos | Apr 4, 2012 The article is for all Harrogate dwellers that are looking for best quality of windows and doors for their home. Hope it will be useful for you.

Uses of garden sheds

By: celina thomos | Mar 31, 2012 No one likes to keep their garden tools and equipments inside their home. Everyone wants some space outside where they can keep all additional equipments but keeping outside in such a way where tools can be safe from outside weather conditions.

Assessing Yellowbird's Family

By: Ken | Mar 26, 2012 At the age of 13 years, Jason Yellowbird has gone through different placement locations, although his life has not improved. He has lived in home of his natural parents, residential treatment center, group emergency home, foster family-based treatment, home of natural parents, youth correction center, group, and run away. Since he entered out-of-home care, he has experienced 10 placement changes, which means he has lived in different environments.

To keep new and trendy looking sofa

By: celina thomos | Mar 23, 2012 The article is to help you in selecting best sofa for your living room or anyother place. After reading it, you’ll be able to find the sofa that accomodates best with your home.

How Tribute Video Software Helps Bereaved

By: Matt Frazer | Mar 13, 2012 A collection of your favorite photos of a loved one can be a very moving memorial for a funeral. Incorporated into a tribute video, along with music, video clips, custom themes and backgrounds, they become more than a static display.
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