Ginger’s Health Benefits: Killing Cancer Cells, Control Diabetes And More

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Ginger is used all over the world in a variety of world cuisines, giving dishes a touch of spiciness. This herb can be used powdered or pickled, fresh or dried, or in the form of juice or oil. You can consume it in drinks and in cooking. Here are 5 health benefits of ginger that you may not know about.

1. Reduce nausea

Ginger has been proven to be efficient at treating nausea that is caused by morning sickness, motion sickness and chemotherapy. Rich in vitamin B6, natural ginger juice works well for pregnant women who suffer from morning sickness during pregnancy. Brigham Young University research also showed that the herb works better than dimenhydrinate at preventing and treating motion sickness. What’s more, taking ginger supplements helps decrease post-chemotherapy nausea by 40%, according to a 2009 study of 644 cancer patients.

2. Help alleviate chronic pain

Ginger is known as a natural painkiller. It can reduce pain more effectively than non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. The herb packs with dozens of the most potent inflammation fighting substances, so it lowers your levels of hormones that induce inflammation. Besides, because of its anti inflammatory properties, ginger helps reduce menstrual cramps and stomach pain. Additionally, its warming essential oil can improve circulation and blood flow, as well as relieve tired muscles.

3. Kill cancer cells

Apart from reducing nausea and alleviating chronic pain, ginger has the ability to kill cancer cells. In lab tests, ginger extract may slow the growth of colorectal and ovarian cancer cells. It may protect against Alzheimer's disease as well. Moreover, according to some reports, ginger can also kill many of breast cancer cells and slow the growth of others.

4. Help to control diabetes

Ginger is a good option for people living with diabetes because it helps cure the disease and prevent complications. The herb is low on the glycemic index. While high blood sugar levels may cause neural damage in the patients, ginger controls the blood sugar level by increasing the insulin power in the body.

5. Cure common headache

Ginger is helpful for migraine headaches by blocking the pain to a good extent. Because of its anti inflammatory properties, the herb can also cure the common headache.

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Ginger’s Health Benefits: Killing Cancer Cells, Control Diabetes And More

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Ginger’s Health Benefits: Killing Cancer Cells, Control Diabetes And More

This article was published on 2013/09/03