How to keep vegetables fresher for longer

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Vegetables often become wilted quickly but you can still keep this kind of food fresh longer if you do it right.

1. You should wrap your vegetables with a tissue before putting in the plastic bag. This way will work effectively with lettuce and celery. It also helps keep the vegetables fresh at least one week.

2. You need to ensure that the tissue is not too wet. If the tissue is wet, you should replace it with a new, dry one.

3. After slicing a potato or onion, you cover the cut edge with a tissue and put it back in a zip plastic bag.

4. Fresh carrots can be fresher if they are wrapped closely in a plastic bag or in a sealed container in order to prevent evaporation. They can keep crisp during a whole week (and even more).

5. Potatoes, onions, gingers, garlics and sweet potatoes should be stored in dark places or in a dark-coloured bag because the sunlight makes them germinate and uneatable. In many stores, they are displayed under the light and this is not good for them.

6. Most of vegetables will be fresh longer if they lose less moisture.


- The storing tips above are effective when you keep your ice-cream from getting frost, too. All you need to do is simply placing a tissue inside the ice-cream container.

- The bags or containers need to be washed and dried before you use them.

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How to keep vegetables fresher for longer

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How to keep vegetables fresher for longer

This article was published on 2013/07/05