Interior design

Creating a Stylish Festive Bathroom

By: Helen Davies | Nov 10, 2012 With Christmas just around the corner, preparations are in full swing all across the country. Food and drink are being stockpiled, gifts are being wrapped and homes are being readied for the extra visitors and family many of us will receive over the coming weeks.

Which Cabinet Size is Right for Your Bathroom?

By: Helen Davies | Nov 5, 2012 Since bathroom furniture has once again returned to the forefront of modern bathroom design, hundreds of new cabinets and storage units are emerging onto the market every year. There are options for cloakrooms, large master bathrooms and every conceivable variation of size, shape, finish and style from which to choose. With such an abundance of choice, sorting through all of the varieties of bathr

Freestanding Baths and Freestanding Furniture

By: Helen Davies | Nov 3, 2012 The freestanding roll-top bath has been the epitome of luxurious bathing for generations, and that’s a position which it does not seem to be at risk of losing any time soon. A freestanding bath will usually, therefore, be utilised as the focal design feature in the bathroom in which it resides; the one point intended to draw the eye and make a style statement to the observer. But rather than sta

Morning and Night: Dual Purpose Bathrooms

By: Helen Davies | Nov 3, 2012 In the morning, the bathroom is simply a place where we prepare to face to day, where we make ourselves look presentable and try to wake ourselves sufficiently to be able to take the challenges that lie ahead. In this regard, we simply want to the bathroom to perform as a reliable, practical space that we can depend on, so that we can go through our morning routines easily and efficiently. Evening

Bathroom Furniture: A Beginners Guide To Choosing Cabinets

By: Helen Davies | Nov 2, 2012 Now that we have overcome the fashion for sparse minimalism in the bathroom that has been the prevailing design trend for several years, and now that bathroom furniture is back in a big way, a few new questions have questions have presented themselves. Which cabinets and units should I opt for? Can I overload my bathroom with too much furniture? Fortunately, it is largely a matter of personal pref

Furniture for a Family Friendly Bathroom

By: Helen Davies | Oct 31, 2012 In a busy family household, the bathroom can occasionally begin to feel like a bit of a battleground. Every morning there will be queues, wet towels on the floor, arguments over which toothbrush is which. Well, that’s how things used to end up our house. The key to a calm and peaceful domestic bathroom set-up is organisation: As long as everyone knows where both the general bathroom products and

Residential Doors Go Best with Designer Door Knobs

By: Ronnie Don | Oct 23, 2012 If you want to see to it that you will be able to dress up the facade of your home to project the best image as possible, then it is imperative that you lend special attention to your front door.

The Authentic Oriental Rugs

By: Anabel McMillen | Oct 1, 2012 It is commonly thought that area rugs are simply any rug that is made in the orient. While that is true to an extent, true oriental rugs must be made in a certain way and out of certain material to be considered a true oriental rug. Many American manufacturers and other manufacturers outside of Asia try to pass off rugs that resemble oriental rugs as real oriental rugs, when they are nowhere close

The Beauty Of Wrought Iron Decor

By: Poison Anvil | Sep 21, 2012 They form amazing home decor items besides being practical and decorative. Though, the color of wrought iron is black, but you can paint it in any color you want according to the theme of your interiors. You can use powder coat to give it the color you want. Nowadays, the popular furniture such as tables, chairs, coat racks, lamps, irons and fire place screens can be made using wrought iron.

Proper Cleaning of Oriental Rugs

By: Anabel McMillen | Sep 21, 2012 Since they are hand made and hand knotted out of sheep’s wool, oriental rugs require special cleaning. Oriental rugs are known to last as long as 120 years, so keeping them clean is very important. For these intricately designed rugs, the oriental rug cleaning process must be done very carefully to avoid causing any damage.
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