Vibram speed can not get away from you, won't you just want to have you

By: ping | Apr 26, 2012 Vibram speed can not get away from you, won't you just want to have you

Strategic Ideas For Sofa Requirements

By: ronaldfrek | Mar 7, 2012 The house can be quite spacious; the reception hall in a posh hotel may be quite attractive; the business establishment can be situated in a better locality looking elegant and dynamic and the cinema hall may be huge enough to entertain thousands of viewers; however, there can be some vital elements missing in anyone or all buildings which are meant for accommodating a few to thousands of people for various purposes.

Debunking the Myth of Nostradamus

By: Morten St. George | Sep 12, 2011 Much of what we know and believe about Nostradamus and his prophecies is claimed to be mythology, pure fiction created by charlatans decades after the seer's death. This article considers an alternative history that may come closer to the truth.

The Best Judaica from Israel: Keeping Traditions Alive

By: Jared Ingram | Jul 14, 2011 Meticulously crafted culturally-rich Judaica from Israel has long been enjoyed by Jews and non-Jews alike for their unique beauty, interesting religious roots, and ritualistic significance. Judaica from Israel refers to basically everything that has to do with Judaism, spanning a whole range of articles from decorative and ornamental, to ritualistic objects, and Jewish jewelry and accessories.

Unique Symbolisms In The Best Jewish Jewelry

By: Jared Ingram | Jul 14, 2011 Choosing from among the best Jewish jewelry can be an interesting activity especially if you take the time to learn about what kinds of jewelry are available and what significance they hold. Jewish jewelry are more than just ornamental pieces a person can accessorize with – the rich tradition, historic ties, and religious symbolisms with which these pieces of jewelry are made of distinguish them

Discovering The True Power of the Kabbalah

By: Jared Ingram | Jul 14, 2011 As people continue to search for ways to improve their lives and strive for success, various principles including those that have long been around, like Kabbalah, have become topics of interest among different groups of people around the world. The recent years have seen an increased interest in the true power of Kabbalah and how, together with Jewish mysticism, it could help people of today bette

Good Fortune and Prosperity With The Power of Evil Eye Protection Jewelry

By: Jared Ingram | Jul 14, 2011 It is an ancient belief that when a person receives good fortune and is praised by others around him, he could possibly be affected by what is called as the evil eye – this works much like a curse although not necessarily intentional on the part of the people casting the curse. The evil eye refers to the envious looks coming from the malevolent energies channeled through the other person’s mag

The Way of Insulation in Judaism

By: Jacob Lumbroso | Sep 9, 2009 One approach adopted by some Jewish communities in dealing with the outside world is the particularistic position which embraces the view that Jewish thinking has its own native categories;

The Matter of Desire

By: Bnei Baruch | Jan 28, 2009 All of us experience a constant flow of thoughts and desires. Even when we sleep, they appear as dreams. Kabbalah explains the interrelationships between thoughts and desires, and how they drive our actions.

President Obama -walking Forward in the Light?

By: Bnei Baruch | Jan 21, 2009 The Inauguration of Barack Obama helped the world experience the beginnings of unity. How can we use the wisdom of Kabbalah to nurture this beginning and walk forward to ensure it will grow and flourish?
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