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Natural Sugar Substitutes to Keep You Healthy

By: Sandy Ghina | Dec 14, 2012 India Trading Company is based in London, UK importing various commodities from India. We supply various commodities like Sugar, Cotton, Poultry, Marble & Granite etc.

Discover the Healthy Facts About Biltong

By: Lynette Holroyd | Oct 1, 2012 Since our first ancestors walked this earth, red meat has played an essential part in our diets. History has also shown that for many centuries, meat was associated with wealthy people only, while the less noble and the 'hunter-gatheres' lived on diets of vegetables. Although it did occur, hunting, while essential, was considered a treat. But as humans evolved the benefits of red meat soon made

Quick and Healthy Creamy Lemon Chiffon Cheesecake

By: Bonni Vivant | Jun 5, 2012 You don't have to give up deliciously decadent desserts when you're eating light. Treat yourself to this creamy, tart lemon chiffon cheesecake - it has a fraction of the fat, sugar and calories found in a traditional cheesecake, plus it's easy to make and whips up in a snap!

How to Create a Protein Diet Meal Plan

By: Cedric Loiselle | May 29, 2012 One way to become healthy is by eating the right food. Try to figure out the things that you should include in your meals, so that you can avoid those that are not doing you any good.

Low Calorie Diet Meal Plan

By: Ashish Sharma | Apr 17, 2012 Low-calorie diets help you achieve your short-term goals and really should be alternated with intervals of slightly greater caloric intakes to attain long-term goals.

Recipes to Lose Weight

By: Divya Kamra | Apr 13, 2012 Diets are available in the market for you to lose that extra weight. But have you seen, this is not the best and healthy way to diet and there is no diet that will show result without exercising. If you have tried every other diet, without getting results, it’s time to change your eating habits. Therefore, here are few recipes which not only are fat free and allow you to lose weight naturally, b

Healthy Fruit Salad Dressings Add Fun and Flavor

By: Bonni Vivant | Apr 2, 2012 Would you like a healthy, low-calorie topping for your favorite fruit salads? Check out these highly nutritious and absolutely delicious fruit salad dressing recipes!

Maltitol Sugar Substitute - What It Is And How It Effects Your Health

By: Ruth Butters | Mar 28, 2012 If packaged low calorie or reduced sugar foods are part of your food plan, odds are Maltitol sugar substitute is part of your daily diet. Here are the basics on Maltitol, one of the most commonly used commercial sweeteners.

Benefits Of Eating Healthy Breakfast Cereals

By: Ria Pattni | Mar 26, 2012 There are plenty of breakfast options these days in the market. From muesli to flakes and granola to breakfast bars. Make sure you fuel your body with a healthy start and choose a wholesome and nutritious breakfast cereal for yourself and for your family.

Eating Fat Burning Foods in order to stay healthy

By: Josephine Johnson | Mar 14, 2012 As the name suggest, fat burning foods help individuals to loose weight in a natural way. Apart from not adding fat in an individual's body, these foods have special properties that add zip to one's system thus assisting the body to melt away any extra pounds. The foods can also suppress one's appetite for junk food and help the body to operate smoothly with sufficient energy. In order to be more effective one can include these foods in a sensible weight loss schedule. They fill the stomach and
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