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Sweet Potato A Sweet Boon to Sugar Patients

By: Paulose | Nov 27, 2011 Thanksgiving Day menu will be deficient if it does not include the traditional sweet potato which is one of the the most nutritious foods.Sweet potato is very good for sugar patients both blood sugar and diabetes.

Adverse Results of Bogus Fad-diets

By: Paulose | Oct 24, 2011 Commercial world has placed human health in a very delicate position. Fad diets are becoming popular with a promise that they will reduce weight within a short period of time.

Healthy Alternatives to Fast Food

By: Deidra Michelle | Oct 13, 2011 Eating fast food can be made healthier by choosing food items with low calories and less fat content. Learn the nutritional facts of your favorite fast food meal and start eating right. You don’t really have to starve yourself to stay healthy. You just have to learn which food to eat.

Why McDonald's Is the Leader in the Fast Food Industry?

By: Jennifer Anderson | Oct 10, 2011 McDonald's is the leader in the fast food industry. But why is that? This is a growing franchise with the industry of fast food that is in many countries and in the US

Why Do You Keep Bananas In Your Diet?

By: Jennifer Anderson | Oct 9, 2011 There can be a number of reasons that you would keep bananas in your diet. Many people have low potassium and need the extra potassium that bananas have in order to keep it from dropping

Blood-like Beetroot Regulates the Beats of your Heart

By: Paulose | Sep 30, 2011 Drink a glass of beetroot juice and lower your blood pressure significantly just in 24 hours. This has been proved by many researches. Beets are packed with carotenoid and flavonoid, the two anti-oxidants.

New Years Eve in DC Party Snack: Faux Fried Chicken

By: Ann Kimberly | Sep 27, 2011 This is a delicious recipe for "faux fried" chicken-- it tastes fried, but it is really baked. Read on to learn how to create the healthy crispy mixture and how to make this chicken look and taste as if it were cooked by a culinary genius.

"Durian" - Smells like hell taste like heaven

By: jayson baybay | Sep 23, 2011 Durian " King of Fruits " ( Durio zibethinus Murr. ) is a disticntive Asian seasonal fruit. It's tree reaches a height up to 30 meters with a red-brown bark that peels of regularly. It has oval shaped leaves that arrange alternately and a flowers with whitish and greenish white color. The durian fruit is green to brownish in color and shaped like an egg with sharp thorns, capable of drawing blood.

Nourish Your Inner Cavemen By Following The Paliothetic Diet

By: gabriel | Sep 14, 2011 Humans of millions of years ago were much healthier, strong, and in better shape than humans of today. By following the paleo diet, you nourish the inner caveman by loosing weight and get in shape in a healthier way.

Reducing your calorie intake at every meal

By: Jim | Aug 12, 2011 Weight loss has becomed a billion dollar industry. Customers are willing to pay good money for weight loss products and like ants to sugar, many unscrupulous parties have been drawn to it. Ironically, weight loss need not have to be expensive.......
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