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Top Tips to Get Your Party Food Right

By: Peter Simmons | Feb 11, 2012 Planning party food is important. If you are catering for a lot of people, or planning an important event, it may be best to leave the food to the professionals. This article contains top tips on ordering party food from a professional caterer.

Cumin: Nature's Spicy Antioxidant?

By: Bonni Vivant | Dec 10, 2011 There's more to Indian food than exotic, spicy flavor. According to recent research, cumin, a spice commonly found in Indian cuisine, may function as a powerful antioxidant.

What Makes a Great Pizza?

By: Jennifer Clark | Nov 5, 2011 What Makes a Great Pizza? Whether you prefer deep dish, thin crust, stuffed crust, or New York style, you can never go wrong with a good slice of pie!

Flavors Of The Italian Pizzas And The Cakes

By: Christina Xio | Oct 29, 2011 Italian cakes are most popular all over the world and they are made in a variety of styles and in different manners. The are famous because all the different type of cakes are designed with respect to the occasion. In case of anniversary cakes a picture of a couple is made beautifully by a chocolate or creamy topping. In order to make the figure prominent it is given different colors with the help

Early Evening Meals: Supper

By: Broderick Booth Goran | Sep 21, 2011 Some people believe that the word supper is the English version of the French word "souper." There are other people who trace the origin of the word supper to the German word "suppe." In both English and German translations, the context of the words are associated with soup and considered to be a designation for the last meal of the day, whether or not it is served prior or after nightfall.

What is a Plate Lunch?

By: Broderick Booth Goran | Sep 21, 2011 The term plate lunch has different meanings from one culture and location to another, although, there are some very specific examples of what people expect when they refer to a plate lunch. The origins for describing this meal are thought to originate from Hawaii. This is locally known as pa mea ‘ai, and plate lunches in this setting typically refer to three components.

Olive Garden Coupons – What makes it Special ?

By: rajan mr | Sep 17, 2011 Food is not merely a basic necessity of life but transcends to a much special place among the hearts of the people. Food is something that is very much loved and appreciated by all of us. It is also considered to hold a prime place among human indulgences.

The Michaels Cake Decorating Class

By: Shami Matu | Sep 17, 2011 In the event that you’re trying to find everything inventive, go and visit Michaels “Where Imagination Happens”. There are plenty of various projects you can begin below, from: art items, beads, making, mounting, household décor, scrap booking, along with yarns & small needles. You'd probably in no way believe they would offer “Michaels cake designing class”.

London Fine Butchers: Why consider utilising their services?

By: Mick Lancaster | Sep 7, 2011 The requirement for fresh organic produce is becoming more of a trend amongst people who like to know where their food is sourced. Our lifestyles are also adapting and as people become more conscientious they are veering towards healthier, more fulfilling options.

Eat More, Pay Less, Get Your Longhorn Steakhouse Coupons Now

By: rajan mr | Sep 4, 2011 In a world that is driven by discounts, waivers, and other attractive offers, if anyone running a business wants to stay up front and running, they have got to succumb to these double edged marketing strategies. Especially in the food industry, where the competition is beyond just being 'competitive', several food businesses especially restaurants are forced to adapt to 'discounts' in order to stay in the game.
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