Spiritual Coaching - Love the Way You Live

By: John smith | Mar 27, 2012 At the Himalayan Yoga Institute, we are dedicated to the life education of all people who seek our guidance. We are learned and creative people, and intend to bring our experience and feeling to you, so you can reach your inner soul, and bring it out to others in turn.

Discover Your Spiritual Power Within

By: adonis alexander | Mar 19, 2012 It is up to you to discover you are life beyond this world of suffering. Spirituality is the realization that you are that which cannot be touched by sorrow. Within, you awaken to the wholeness of life, which is eternal love, beauty, and spiritual bliss.

Ideas on How To Meditate Properly

By: Trevor Johnson | Mar 9, 2012 Meditation involves the development of an inner awareness, preferably bringing the body and mind into harmony and expanding personal insight. It also contributes to an overall sense of well-being and improves physical and spiritual health. Personal effort is the answer when one asks how to meditate properly.

Controlling Dreams

By: Kris Benetto | Mar 7, 2012 Basic practices to get you started on building awareness and beginning controlling dreams.

How one can learn hypnotherapist training

By: pathlightcentre | Feb 9, 2012 Hypnosis is an entirely natural state which is relaxing and pleasant, similar to the drowsy state experienced prior to sleep, where the physiological relaxed state is present.

How You Can Attain Oneness in Meditation

By: Learn Meditation | Feb 9, 2012 Follow these easy and effective step by step instructions on meditation so you can experience deep states of bliss and oneness within a short period of time.

Awakening the Heart in Meditation

By: Learn Meditation | Feb 8, 2012 Learn about the true experience of heart awakening, what you need to facilitate the awakening of the heart and learn a very effective meditation technique that helps awaken your heart.

Discover the "I Am": Embrace the Infinite Possibility of Spiritual Enlightenment and Nonduality

By: Dr. Robert Puff | Jan 29, 2012 Meditation can help you experience this natural state and flow with life, without restricting labels. By following your breath, being still, and quieting your mind, you learn to witness your thoughts without identifying them and to give yourself a chance to just be. With a detached perspective, your life can change drastically because it will become quieter, more peaceful, and much more enlightene

Pranayama – Breathing Exercise for Overall Health and Prosperity

By: Chamunda Swami Ji | Dec 31, 2011 Pranayama is not just a simple breathing exercise that teaches us to breathe properly but at the same time takes the participants to a long spiritual journey.

Meditation Is All About The Journey Within Yourself

By: Mark Dwayne | Dec 29, 2011 In reality it has taken you as long as you have been alive to become the way you are today. It has also taken you that long to achieve what you have achieved, to possess, and to arrive at your current landmark.
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