List of Facts and Myths About Psychic Energy

By: Jackson Swift | Mar 30, 2012 Psychic energy waves have always been a fascinating and intriguing topic. Just like any psychic and astrology related topics or divination and foretelling related topics, many people are interested and there are even that are being skeptics.

Tips and Techniques for Dream Interpretation and Lucid Dreaming

By: Jackson Swift | Mar 26, 2012 Dreams are part of one’s sleep. There are people who have only one dream as they sleep while there are also others who have two or more dreams. Oftentimes, these dreams cannot be understood.

Spells and Magic - Draw What You Want Into Your Life

By: Erik Noriega | Mar 26, 2012 Magic, spells and rituals have been practiced since the beginning of time. In history, there have been wizards, priests and shamans who used spells and magic to help people better their lives. An example of this is John Dee, Queen Elizabeth's magician. You can use spells and magic to enhance your life.

The Case for Extras

By: David Almeida | Mar 25, 2012 This article explore an unusual theory that declares zombies live among us. The author calls them "extras." Extras exist in the back drop. They are people with whom we have no ties or contact. They are the strangers we see everyday as we drive to work. Extras are designed to fill in the details and make life appear normal.

Have You Had a Past Life?

By: Vikki Vanoza | Mar 25, 2012 Even if you have no definite recollection concerning it; there are occasions when you come across an incident or circumstance which you think that it previously happened before.

Sometimes a Book Comes Along

By: Jeff Young | Mar 20, 2012 Not every book can catch the mainstream media and be launched to the top of everybody's must read list. Sometimes a book comes along that just needs to be read. This love poem to the comos is just that book.

Should You Marry a Non-Spiritual Person?

By: Gary Zalben | Mar 18, 2012 In a lecture at a SRF temple one of Paramahansa Yogananda's monastic disciples was talking about spiritual marriage and was asked is it ok to marry a non-spiritual person? He replied "no, here's why, there are many qualifications to consider before tying the knot. The most important one for an ideal marriage is...

Unity of Atom, Unity of Universe, One All Mighty God

By: mardini | Mar 13, 2012 If atom is the smallest particle of matter then it must have a story to tell. Infinite in size, infinite in structure and infinite in function, it is at the heart of matter, whether white, black or blue. It is the basic unity of matter, the foundation of all objects and foundation of our living universe. It is alive in all senses of the term. It is alive and kicking in all directions. Without it nothing exists and everything ceases to be. It has origin, directionality and difinite finality.

The Unknown Universe

By: David Almeida | Mar 11, 2012 This article discusses consciousness and its prevalence throughout the unseen universe. The philosophy of panpsychism is used to address the existence of those consciousnesses that we cannot perceive through our five senses. By gaining insight into these intelligences one can hope to understand the true nature of reality.

There Are Gods Among Us

By: David Almeida | Mar 11, 2012 This article adresses the creative force behind the law of attraction. Such concepts as casual creators and reality artists are introduced. The idea that we are have the power of the god head within us is put forward.
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