Why Different Kriyas Are Experienced by Disciples In The Presence Of Guru

By: Geeta Jha | Aug 3, 2011 Kriya is an involuntary physical and mental purification activities and reactions resulted from elevated spiritual consciousness. Seekers frequently experience kriyas during their spiritual practices. A disciple coming in contact with his Guru may feel a sudden uplift of spiritual emotions and ecstasy manifested by uncontrolled physical and mental movements, activities or reactions known as kriyas

Tse Bit'a'i: The Rock With Wings: An Ancient UFO Event?

By: John Prytz | Jul 21, 2011 Mythologies are full of events that could be interpreted, if they happened instead within the last six plus decades, as a UFO event. The ‘Star of Bethlehem' or ‘Wheel of Ezekiel" are cases in point from our Biblical mythology. Many of the mythological ‘gods' or characters rode around in aerial or fiery chariots, but what about flying rocks or big birds transporting people around? A UFO chariot by any other name is still a UFO chariot.

Lucid Dreaming Techniques: Easy Ways To Have A Lucid Dream

By: Trevor Johnson | Jun 28, 2011 Lucid dreams are different from normal dreaming. The technique involved with lucid dreaming is to be conscious that you are in a dream state rather than just letting your dreams happen as and when they feel like it. There are a number of lucid dreaming techniques that you can use to help this to happen:

How To Get Telepathic Powers

By: Trevor Johnson | Jun 28, 2011 Telepathy is one of those skills that we've forgotten as we've become modern and more sophisticated. It's there, lurking underneath the surface, waiting for us to realize this fact and bring telepathy back into our lives.

Can I, An Average Person, Talk To A Deceased Loved One? By Cherokee Billie

By: Cherokee Billie | Jun 23, 2011 In a nutshell – Yes, You Can. You would be amazed at how much the deceased want to communicate back to those that they loved, especially the first few months after they have departed. You may be getting contacted right now from someone you love and are not aware of it.

Magical Incense for Meditation and Reflection

By: Mark Richards | Jun 14, 2011 Where incense is sold commercially there is frequently a wide range of options from which to choose. All of these different options will boast different powers including the ability to nurture empowerment and creativity, and their use will induce different emotions. Indeed they will often be said to invoke different karma.

The eternal bliss of love (love is god)

By: PROF GHULAM MOHYUDDIN WANI | May 16, 2011 The mind,heart,love and prayers are discussed in this poem. All religions pray to their God. In fact God is one and universal. We have divided him and wrapped Him in different forms, clours and faiths. He is one and spiritually he is unique and has no form but a universe appeal. We need to cultivate His true over which is in the cover of love (Spiritualism) FOR HIM nod him alone devoid of caste, colour and race.

Live Psychic Chat? I Don't Recommend It - Heres Why

By: Bud Audas | May 11, 2011 Find out all you need to know about live psychic chat. What you should know and do.

The Magical Effects of Chanting the Sita Ram Mantra

By: Geeta Jha | May 10, 2011 In Ramayana Ram means our soul, super consciousness, truth and virtue. Sita whose is the eternal consort of Ram means the primal energy or the Kundalini Shakti.If Rama is considered as mariya purshottama or the perfect man the Sita exemplifies the perfect woman.

The angle in deep darkness of dawn and dusk

By: PROF GHULAM MOHYUDDIN WANI | Apr 21, 2011 The bells of temples ,churches and all other religious houses ring from tiles immorable espacially at prevailing and vanishing darkness at dawn and dusk.Same is true of Mosques wher bells have been replaved with calls called azans.Perhaps beng the latest and last reliongious warnings to humans ,it calls five times a day including the morning and evening calls by all religions.Any way sprituality is love for God and God created humans as his deciple on earth as such love of humans is described.
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