2012 The Year of the Mayan Prophecy

By: Lianne Ronan | Apr 14, 2011 A view on why we are returning to a new age of higher consciousness as predicted by the shamans of Maya.

Angels - Are They Around Us?

By: Tom Larrson | Apr 2, 2011 This article looks at the mystery regarding angels of God - spiritual creatures protecting human beings. Do they exist in the real World?

Self-realization is so Frickin Easy!

By: Kapila Christoph Heien | Mar 26, 2011 A quick reminder of the infinite freedom available NOW! This is a short article designed to help debunk the myth of enlightenment. It is an invitation to see that all you have ever sought is already here.

Reasons Why You Can Trust Getting A Good Luck Amulet That Really Works From Father Time!

By: Father Time | Jan 12, 2011 There are a million places online to buy something from someone, here is a guide to knowing how to trust doing business with some people.

How To Have Good Luck? A Guide To Some Powerful And Effective Good Luck Amulets And Charms!

By: Father Time | Jan 9, 2011 We all need more of the good things in life, and maybe a good luck amulet or charm will help you!

Better than New Year's Resolutions - The Little Prince Series

By: David Robert Ord | Jan 4, 2011 All of the misery in our lives and relationships comes from not being in our peaceful, joyous, loving center. Instead we are drawn into egoic emotional reactivity, reinforced by what Eckhart Tolle calls in The Power of Now and A New Earth "the pain-body"—that mass of accumulated hurt that drives so much of our behavior.

2011 - Everlasting Justice Countdown to 2012 and the "Rapture"

By: Merry C. Battles | Jan 2, 2011 Here we are at the start of another year. Time is just speeding along. We are all marching and I want to know where to? There is a divided camp on earth. Are we headed for a 1,000 years of peace or are we headed toward destruction? It looks pretty damn scary right now. "Don't judge by appearances." In order for there to be an evolution there has to be a shaking up of people, circumstances, and thoughts. This leads to a higher more advanced organization.

From Personal Guru to Universal Guru

By: Jared Hobbs | Dec 23, 2010 Many schools of thought encourage a relationship with a personal guru. From these various traditions many ways of relating to the guru have emerged, yet time-tested wisdom continues to present us with a proper understanding of the various facets of this interaction. What does a guru do? What are the qualities of a good guru? How does one choose a guru? What is this relationship and experience like and how does it change? And most importantly, to what purpose does this personal guru ultimat


By: David | Dec 19, 2010 Different types of kavach made from having vedic rituals is very effective in overcome any problems in our lifes and for to neutral all sort of negative energies , hexes,black magic,evil powers , it also very good measures for to fullfil our dreams and for getting the blessing of mahalaxmi

An Insight about Christmas that Will Change Your Life Forever

By: David Robert Ord | Dec 17, 2010 Jesus evoked in people a sense of the reality of God. Not just God all around them, the Presence of God in creation, which he called "the kingdom." But God as that infinite being in which our human beingness participates.Which is why St. Paul said that "in God we live, and move and have our being." And also why he called us divine offspring, daughters and sons of our divine Source.
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