Holiday Stress: How to Relax Your Way Through the Season Now?

By: David Robert Ord | Dec 15, 2010 When Eckhart says this intelligence "enters" your life, it isn't that the intelligence isn't already present. On the contrary it's at the core of our being at all times. But it enters into our experience of life. That is, we actually begin living from this intelligence. Much of the world lives on a sort of autopilot, quite unaware, doing things by rote, anxious without even being aware how anxious they are, detached from their experiences to a large degree. They are going through the motions.

Where To Get An Amazing Psychic Reading By e-Mail? Amazing Psychic Reading By eMail Can Be Fun!

By: Father Time | Dec 15, 2010 Maybe YOU would like to ask a few questions about your upcoming new year?

Difficult People: 10 Tips to Save Your Sanity

By: Mystic Twins | Dec 14, 2010 You avoid negative people as much as possible. But for those times when you have no choice, we offer the suggestions below to help you handle them peacefully and from the perspective of a mystic rather than allowing them to add more stress to your life or worse.
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