Tips To Get The Best Of Your Weaknesses In Numerology

By: Jones Spores | Sep 25, 2011 We are defined by our strengths, but it's our weaknesses and how we deal with them that are going to make us who we are. Sure, we might find ourselves dreaming of that perfect version of who we are without the weaknesses.

Find Your Sun sign Based on Indian numerology

By: David Daniel | Sep 18, 2011 Calculates your lucky number, ruling number based on sun-sign. Indian numerology provides guidance during challenging times of your life. Further, Through Indian numerology, you decide what meditations are best suited for you, what colors match best with your personality and on many other things.

Find your lucky Number by Date of Birth

By: David Daniel | Sep 8, 2011 With Numerology Calculation, you can know about the various aspects of life. To find what your lucky number by date of birth of easily.

KATE & WILLIAM: Numerology Reveals the Life and Destiny of the Royal Couple - What Does the Future Hold for Kate and Prince William?

By: Kathleen Falken | May 3, 2011 WHEN WILL KATE AND WILLIAM HAVE THEIR FIRST CHILD? WILL THE NEW ROYAL COUPLE BE HAPPY? Of all the other news items that have appeared since, one of the most exciting is Master Numerologist Blair Gorman's newly released Numerological Life Path Report on the entire Royal family, with emphasis on Prince William and his new bride, Kate.

Vaastu Shastra: Taking care of each nook

By: Sanjay Kumar | Apr 6, 2011 Summary: Proper alignment of various component when taken care while  construction can develop wellness. Vaastu shastra deals taking care of every nook during establishment of the building.

A Brief Idea Of Numerology

By: Jeff Halter | Mar 29, 2011 Pythagoras, the father of mathematics is also the father of esoteric numerology. He believed that there was an order to the universe and that number were more than a means of quantifying things. His philosophies included the idea that each number had an esoteric meaning.

Soul Plan Readings – The Truth Of Your Life

By: Reena Gagneja | Jan 9, 2011 A Soul Plan Reading tells you your karma, goals, talenst and overall Soul Destiny. Here's a synopsis of how it turns out so accurate.

Personality Traits Of A Number 5 Expression Number

By: Robert Spadinger | Dec 8, 2010 Each numerology number has a very specific meaning. However, the meaning of these numbers also depend on their underlying core number. So, for example, the expression number 5 has a slightly different meaning than the personality number 5 and this one again has a different meaning than the birth day number 5.

Living Letters in Your Name Reveal Incalculable Psychological Esoteric Treasure

By: Paula Andrea Pyle, MA | Nov 2, 2010 MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Numerology approaches name study from a cosmic Psycho-analytic foundational position.

Thoughts on 11/11 November 11, 2010 and November 11, 2011

By: Alison Baughman | Oct 25, 2010 Find out what an experienced Numerologist has to say about the upcoming dates 11/11 and even into the future on 11/11/11. Does this date hold any special significance and if so, what?
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