Numerology and Occult

By: Pragathi Priyadev | Dec 12, 2008 Numerology and its Significance

Behind the Language of Numbers

By: | Sep 24, 2008 Numerology when used in the right way unleashes someone from perceived limitations and pushes someone to the best he can be. Knowing the weakness, alerts a possible action to alter this into strengths. The use of numerology depends on the person. Either one uses the positive traits or ignore it. Either one notes the negative trait and develop it to a positive one or the reverse. The end of it still lies on the person.

Free Numerology Predictions

By: Audry Grant | Jul 15, 2008 By looking at the number combinations between two individuals, a numerologist can predict the outcome of that relationship, and can even be as precise as to acknowledge whether the needs of each individual will be met by the other in the relationship.

Spiritual Numerology: Numerology for Soul Awakening, Learning the Basics

By: Audry Grant | Jul 15, 2008 Spiritual numerology is about finding out what numbers mean for a person. It can tell why their life is moving in the direction that it is, and if that is a good or bad thing for them. It can even define how their personality traits affect their lifestyle and what they can change to live happier, healthier lives.
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