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Cheddar cheese and its different types

By: assignmentsolution | Mar 9, 2013 Originated in cheddar, a village in England, it is named after the place of its origination. This cow cheese milk has a huge number of flavors from mild to sharp; it also differs in color from pumpkin orange to creamy white. A natural dye annatto is used to change the cheese’s color to orange. Cheddar is of many kinds and types, out of which Canadian cheese are one of the best. These are whiter

Homemade Fresh Rice Flour Egg Pasta Recipe

By: Emely | Aug 16, 2012 How to prepare homemade Fresh Rice Flour Egg Pasta? Making your personal pasta may elicit awe and also admiration (unless, obviously, you've got an Italian grandmother), however it is really simple using rice flour, since the pasta dough does not resist being rolled out. It may be cut in to any kind of width you prefer: 1/4 inch wide for fettuccine, 1/2 inch wide for pappardelle, or 2 inches wide

How to Cook Spaghetti alla Carbonara - Homemade Pasta Recipe

By: Emely | Aug 15, 2012 How to Cook Spaghetti alla Carbonara? Italian pasta is recognized as pretty much holy, and also in cases like this they're known as spaghetti alla carbonara. Italian bacon, known as pancetta, is actually the main ingredient listed here...See recipe

Homemade Tortellini with Meat Filling - Easy Pasta Recipe

By: Emely | Jun 3, 2012 The standard method of preparing tortellini is in broth, determining about 2½ quarts home made meat broth for cooking and serving 100 tortellini, around 6 servings. Not as standard, however excellent all the same is Cream and Butter Sauce, or Tomato Sauce, or Bolognese Meat Sauce. Determine around TWO dozen tortellini per individual when serving them with sauce. In all the above situations, serve

Simple Porcini Dumplings Recipe - Ingredients and Directions

By: Emely | Apr 3, 2012 How to make simple Porcini Dumplings? If you have a source for fresh porcini mushrooms, this is a good way to use them; fresh shiitakes are a good substitute, and dried porcini will improve their flavor. Serve the dumplings in a flavorful broth, add them to wheat, whole barley top with a creamy sauce like Béchamel, or toss with pasta with tomato sauce as a twist on spaghetti and meatballs...See r

Quick and Easy Chinese Dumplings Recipe

By: Emely | Apr 2, 2012 How to prepare quick and easy Chinese Dumplings? Shanghai-style wrappers are thinner but stay firmer, less slippery after they’re steamed (and crisper after they’re fried). Make these dumplings up to 8 hours before you steam them; once stuffed, store them, covered with plastic wrap, on a cornstarch dusted baking sheet in the refrigerator...See recipe

Gluten Free Recipe for Spaetzle - German Noodles

By: Emely | Mar 15, 2012 How to prepare gluten free recipe for spaetzle. Spaetzle are little pieces of pasta made by pressing dough through a colander or a special spaetzle press* into boiling water, then frying the little gems in oil or butter to lightly brown them. They are typically associated with German cooking and make a great accompaniment to entrées such as Sauerbrauten or Pork Schnitzel...Read more

Make Homemade Spaetzle Noodles - Simple Directions

By: Emely | Mar 14, 2012 How to prepare homemade Spaetzle Noodles? Hailing from Alsace, homemade spaetzle (spay-tzul) are between dumpling and pasta, made from a pancake like batter that’s dropped into gently boiling water and cooked. They can then be seasoned and served, sautéed, tossed with sauce, or added to a broth or soup...See recipe

Meat Filled Ravioli Recipe - Ingredients and Directions

By: Emely | Mar 13, 2012 How to prepare meat filled ravioli? When I had my restaurant, I once served crayfish ravioli crayfish heads and shells simmered in cream; the cream strained, reduced, and combined with the puréed tails, marrow, and marjoram; and the laborious, unassuming little ravioli served surrounded with a purposely bland chicken broth. The waiters were directed to remove all unnecessary cutlery from the tabl

Simple Homemade Ravioli Recipe - Easy Directions

By: Emely | Mar 9, 2012 How to prepare simple homemade ravioli recipe? Anyone can prepare it with just a little effort. Making your own pasta is a fun thing to do sometimes and a lot less hassle than you might think – even when you don’t have a pasta-making machine...See recipe
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