The Top 5 Benefits of Manufactured Homes

By: Michael Wright | Feb 27, 2013 When it comes to buying a house, you have a lot of options. Manufactured housing offers a unique style of homes that offer a range of attractive benefits to homebuyers. Not surprisingly, the number of people buying manufactured housing has been increasing significantly over the past couple of decades, because people are starting to realize all of the benefits these homes have to offer.

Ipe Hardwood Flooring Maintenance

By: Alex Smith | Feb 26, 2013 In utilizing all kinds of exotic hardwood, remember that water is your worst enemy. Since you can’t always come to its rescue whenever it rains or beverages are spilled, it is best to use high-quality sealants to protect your wood.

Use face bricks to give your house a facelift

By: jenna dwean | Feb 26, 2013 It is very important for you to understand the variety of bricks available to you while you consider upgrading, remodelling or making a new office or home.

6 Low Cost Renovations to Add Value to Your Home

By: Michael Wright | Feb 22, 2013 Your home is probably the biggest investment you’ve ever made. Getting the most value for your investment just makes sense. Over time, however, your home can become run down, outdated, and less valuable if you don’t maintain it and make proper renovations.

Dealing With Deck Area Leaks

By: Charles Antis | Feb 5, 2013 Let’s be honest; decks built over dwelling areas are an architectural design nightmare. Waterproofing contractors will tell you that the most difficult problems they experience are leaks resulting from decks built over lower-level dwelling or garage areas. These leaks are difficult to diagnose because there is commonly more than one source of moisture entry, and troubleshooting the leaks can bec

Deck Remodeling & Deck Maintenance

By: Karen Pensec | Feb 1, 2013 Homeowners that have an existing deck on their home may find that they don’t use it as much as they had hoped. There are a lot of reasons for that. For example, maybe you don’t use your deck any more because it has become rickety or unstable.

Hire a professional for your house extension project

By: Alisa Bond | Jan 7, 2013 If you need to expand your property, get in touch with highly experienced professionals. You also need to get permission from the local authority.

Sandy Aftermath: Need for Mold Removal, Pest Control Services Certain in U.S.

By: Charles Pellaton | Nov 23, 2012 Sandy brought to shore winds of up to 85 mph in places, toppling homes and cars and causing havoc on the streets and just everywhere the winds and water reached.

Can You Survive Your Remodel?

By: Lawrence Reaves | Oct 1, 2012 Remodeling or renovating your home can be a project that is filled with both anticipation and frustration. There’s so much work to be completed, changes to be made and new spaces to be created. Unplanned changes are sure to crop up as the bones of the home are exposed.

Making simple homes with small living space size looks like luxury homes

By: Ellen Lillian | Sep 5, 2012 In creating the series of designs for each part of the house, you need to collect images of the things that you like and see later if they are a good fit to the actual size of the rooms. The goal is not just to replicate the designs of luxury homes but to also capture the essence of the beauty, look and feel, which is inherent in each archetype.
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