Best Chicken Soup Recipes from Scratch

By: Emely | Jan 15, 2012 How to prepare best Chicken Soup recipes from scratch. This not-too-thick soup makes a warming but not super filling first course, with the rice, meat, and vegetables supporting actors rather than major players...See recipe

Simple Cream of Mushroom Soup from Scratch

By: Emely | Jan 15, 2012 How to prepare cream of mushroom soup from scratch? It can be prepared with just a little effort. There are thousands of recipes for true cream of vegetable soup, but the differences among them are small. Basically, you cook the vegetable you want with good flavorings until it’s done. Then you purée it and reheat it with cream...See recipe

Recipe for Cabbage Soup

By: Emely | Jan 13, 2012 How to prepare recipe for Cabbage Soup? A perfectly light first-course soup in three guises, much different from most heavy cabbage soups...See recipe

Quick and Easy Tomato Soup

By: Emely | Jan 12, 2012 in this article I will show you how to prepare quick and easy tomato soup.Most tomato soups are simply not tomatoey enough. One solution is tomato paste; it adds the depth that even good fresh tomatoes sometimes lack. If good tomatoes aren’t around about nine months of the year use good quality canned tomatoes...See more about recipe

Simple Noodle Soup Recipes

By: Emely | Jan 9, 2012 In this article i will show you how to prepare simple Noodle Soup recipes. Straight water really doesn’t work in this soup, but water with a big splash of soy sauce works surprisingly well in the second variation or anytime you spin it with Asian flavors. For more ideas, see the variations and the following list...See recipes

Simple Vegetable Soup without Cream

By: Emely | Jan 8, 2012 How to prepare simple Vegetable Soup without Cream? anyone can prepare it with just a little effort. Puréeing makes any vegetable soup velvety smooth and elegant. All sorts of vegetables can be used, but the best have some body, like winter squash or potatoes, and aren’t overly fibrous...See recipe

Simple Chunky Vegetable Soup

By: Emely | Jan 7, 2012 How to prepare simple Chunky Vegetable Soup? Think of this as a what-have-you soup with infinite and easy variations. You’re looking for a mix of vegetables, always with tomato, though combining “hard” and “soft” vegetables improves the results. If you have an old piece of Parmesan lying around, cut the rind into small pieces and add it along with the first batch of vegetables; it’ll b

Make Pumpkin Soup - Ingredients and Directions

By: Emely | Jan 6, 2012 How to make pumpkin soup? Anyone can prepare it with just a little effort. This is my interpretation of that extraordinary soup, which by the way, is customarily served with a drizzle of pumpkin oil, although you could also use mild extra-virgin olive oil...See recipe

Saving money on great food with classic chicken stock, demi glace, and other gourmet sauces

By: Doreen Nowak | Dec 23, 2011 Some of us are lucky enough to have professional culinary training. Then again, maybe luck is not really a factor. Good culinary schools are grueling.

How to make Homemade Tomato Soup

By: Emely | Oct 30, 2011 How to make Homemade Tomato Soup? This is the alternative to a regular creamed soup recipe because it gives soup the same creamy consistency even though it doesn’t actually contain any cream. I got this idea from the exceptionally busy mother of one of my daughter’s friends, who also happens to be a very good cook, and ..See recipe
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