Sunflower Seeds’ Health Benefits: Promoting Bone Health, Renewing Skin And More

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Apart from being a tasty snack, sunflower seeds are surprisingly healthy and nutritious. You can eat them in their natural form or sprinkle on top of cereals and salads.

Here are some health benefits of sunflower seeds that make them one of the best snacks to eat on a regular basis.

1. Packed with a ton of nutrients

Sunflower seeds are high in protein, which helps build and maintain muscle and tissue in the body. On average, six ounces of sunflower seeds provide 12 percent of the daily value of protein for most people.

These seeds also contain a large amount of healthy fats, including monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Approximately 90 percent of the fat in the sunflower seeds is unsaturated, or good fats, according to the National Sunflower Association.

Besides, the sunflower seeds are loaded with vitamin E and selenium that help protect cells against damage from free radicals. They are also excellent sources of folate, copper, zinc, magnesium, iron and fiber.

2. Promote bone health

As mentioned above, sunflower seeds are rich in magnesium, which keeps bones strong as well as prevents muscle cramps and spasms. They also contain significant amounts of copper, which provides strength and flexibility in bones and joints. Moreover, vitamin E found in these seeds works effectively in the reduction of arthritis symptoms, too.

3. Maintain healthy heart

A quarter of a cup of sunflower seeds delivers over ninety percent of the daily value for vitamin E, which plays a very important role in maintaining a healthy heart. This vitamin helps to lower LDL cholesterol levels and prevent abnormal blood clotting, which are the risk factors for heart disease. In addition, the sunflower seeds are rich in polyunsaturated fats that reduce bad cholesterol, and magnesium that lowers blood pressure. So you should have the seeds in a natural form for gaining maximum benefit.

4. Protect and renew skin

Vitamin E found in sunflower seeds can directly protect your skin from ultraviolet radiation. Plus, it helps to prevent signs of aging and other skin conditions such as acne and zits as well as renew your skin. So you should consume these seeds on a regular basis to gain benefits for the skin.

5. Improve digestion

Sunflower seeds are high in dietary fiber, which helps to improve digestion and prevents from related diseases.

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Sunflower Seeds’ Health Benefits: Promoting Bone Health, Renewing Skin And More

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Sunflower Seeds’ Health Benefits: Promoting Bone Health, Renewing Skin And More

This article was published on 2013/10/22