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  • Best dressed celebrity kids in Hollywood
    Louis Brown2010/09/18 09:05:26 am| 47595 views|1

    As princes and princesses of celebrity couples, the following kids always appear in public and in front of the camera wearing the most fashionable clothes. While Suri Cruise looks like an adorable girl, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt prefers tomboy style. Let’s have a look at the best dresses celebrity kids in Hollywood as follows:

  • Most Stylish Stars Under 20 in 2010
    Louis Brown2011/01/04 09:38:39 am| 43424 views|0

    Music, fashion and movies are getting close than ever these days. In every entertainment industry, it is easy to recognize that the prominent stars and idols turn into stylish icons. Fashion trendsetters are getting younger and younger these days. There is an endless inspiration for fashion designers to make outfits from red carpet to stages for stars. Needless to say, fashion trendsetters are becoming younger and younger these days. The Hollywood’s future stars stirs in hit movies, famous television shows and grace magazine covers. All of them have proved to be the style icon thanks to glamorous red-carpet gowns and unique everyday casual style. Here are 10 most stylist young icons of Hollywood.

  • It is no surprise if Lady Gaga is listed as one of the worst-dressed celebrities due to her extravagant outfits and make-up. She constantly makes fans feel shocked when appearing at crowds in very strange clothes. However, people have recently think that the beauty has even two crazy-fashion heirs that can follow her infamous fashion styles namely Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha. There are hundreds of reasons explaining the pretty girls are believed to become second Lady Gaga. Now, let see these following picture and feel about this comparison.

  • In 1996, McGraw teamed up with Warner Brothers and artist Faith Hill for the Spontaneous Combustion tour. It seems that spontaneous combustion is an appropriate description for this couple's beginnings. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill were married in October 1996. As a couple, they've soared to the top of the country charts with romantic duets such as "Let's Make Love" and "It's Your Love." Their ballad

  • Royal Tiaras of Ladies
    Louis Brown2010/12/20 21:11:40 pm| 26746 views|1

    Prince William, son of Princess Diana, and Kate Middleton have recently engaged and they will marry at Westminster Abbey in London on April 29, 2011. The wedding will be an exciting and important moment. Kate was just born in a common family, but she has become the center of all Britain media after the new of marriage has been announced. Royalty has given Kate special training in order to make her confident when she faces thousands of people and suitable for the life if she becomes princess or queen. When Kate appears in her wedding at Westminster Abbey, she may wear one of many crowns in the royal collection including the crown of the Duchess of Teck, the Strathmore and the Delhi Durbar.

  • Most Well-known Couples in Football
    Louis Brown2011/05/06 20:03:38 pm| 18261 views|5

    Football is the most popular global sports. Therefore, handsome football players always draw great attention from their fans. We can’t also deny that football stars such as Lionel Messi, Kaka, Gerard Pique, Fernando Gago, Carles Puyol and Cristiano Ronaldo and so on have been surrounded by many beautiful girls, including super model Irina Shayk, singer Shakira and talented tennis player Gisela Dulko.

  • Nail Art: Most Original Designs
    Louis Brown2010/07/31 11:49:58 am| 19874 views|1

    Nail art has nowadays become among the hottest fashion trends. Clothes, shoes, hairstyles, makeup styles seem to be more stylish and fashionable than ever thanks to mixure with nail samples. A nice and original sample depends on lots of important factors including nail polish colors, experiences and imagination of nail artists. It's amazing that nature can harmonize with humans through the beauty of nails, from flowers, animals, fruits, to food, and famous symbols such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, all are shown off on nails. Below are the most original nail designs for you to select and comment.

  • The 2010 MTV Movie Awards, the 19th annual ceremony, took place successfully on June 6, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. It is considered as one of the meaningful moments for talented stars as well as excellent works to gather and shine every year. Obviously, female celebrities are really outstanding and attractive at every event. However, the charming dress will lose its perfection without wonderful accessories, especially shoes and high-heels. In MTV Movie Awards 2010, Hollywood actresses wore the greatest high-heels to show off on the red carpet. Let’s learn how to choose and combine shoes with your outfits perfectly on stage!

  • Wedding Dresses of Princesses and Queens
    Louis Brown2011/01/05 13:06:14 pm| 19408 views|0

    Every girl wants to looks as beautiful as a princess or a queen in the most important day of her life. Apart from hiring the excellent make-up artist to make sure she is the most beautiful lady on her day, a bride would hire the best designer in order to create an extremely stylish wedding gown which makes her look gorgeous and outstanding. How about people who are real princesses or queens? Do you want to know about the wedding gowns that famous and powerful women such as Princess Maxima of Netherlands, Princess Martha Louise of Norway, Princess of Wales Diana, and Queen Rania of Jordan used to wear in their wedding? Let’s have a look at these photos as below to get the answers.

  • Most Disastrous Fashion Trends
    Louis Brown2011/01/07 10:18:06 am| 19364 views|0

    Celebrities are often famous for their good sense of fashion and what they wear can become hot trends for others to follow. However, they sometimes appear at important events or on streets with the outfits that seem to be considered as disastrous styles. Some beauties like Katie Price, Laura Ashley, Taylor Swift and Britney Spears are named in the “Worst Trends ever” list released by Glamour magazine.

  • 10 Best Hairstyles of All Time
    Louis Brown2010/06/09 20:11:11 pm| 15873 views|0

    As beauty symbols, celebrity costumes or hairstyles are always examples for young women to take beauty cues from. Following are ten most popular hairstyles of all the time. They are celebrities in politics, modeling and singing such as Michelle Obama, Princess Diana, Victoria Beckham and other famous names. Including modern as well as classic haircuts, these styles are never out of fashion for the time being. It can be seen that hairstyles below make women more elegant and feminine whatever color they own. Why not try the cut and refresh yourself with best hairstyles which are still popular with women in all age groups?

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  • Most Fashionable Hairstyles of Celebrities
    Louis Brown2010/11/24 11:55:25 am| 14593 views|0

    A variety of websites such as Beautiful always show off the latest most beautiful hairstyles with 500 celebrity hairstyles pictures for girls and ladies at least. Nevertheless, the article has chosen the most stunning celebrity hairstyles among hundreds of the most desirable ones during the past decades. As to be known that floating lustrous straightened or curly hairstyles, or stylish short haircuts have become so popular ever, but still hot trends for the last time. A suitable hairstyle helps flatter the beauty of face and body as much as possible. That's the reason why, Hollywood celebrities have known how to make themselves highlighted with a featuring hairstyle despite their in-and-out of vogue hairstyles. Let's have a look at the most fashionable and most beautiful hairstyles of the world's entertainment industry's big names Emma Watson, Taylor Swift, Gillian Zinser, Vanessa Hudgens, Rihanna, and so on.

  • Lipstick and Interesting Facts
    Louis Brown2011/03/14 15:52:23 pm| 14338 views|0

    Applying lipstick has become a daily routine of most modern women as a part of make – up. However, not all lipstick users care about the product in another way than a useful make up. In fact, lipstick has a very long and colorful history. The first lipstick is believed to appear more than four thousand years ago in the Ancient Egypt. At that time, lipstick was of dark shades and made from henna used today as hair dye but unfortunately also quite toxic. The Middle Ages was really a hard time for lipsticks when the Church proscribed any kinds of wearing lipstick. According to their belief, women wearing lipstick should be taken to witches.

  • Miley Cyrus: Inappropriate Fashion Styles
    Louis Brown2010/07/20 16:13:39 pm| 14334 views|1

    Miley Cyrus, among the most well-known teen stars in the world has been causing inappropriate fashion styles. The talented singer and performer is turning into a charming young woman, therefore, because the time's passing Miley's fashion style changed making fans noticed and shocked. It's so strange that Miley Cyrus' new fashion style is more womanly but that doesn't mean she looks inappropriate at her age. However, all of Miley's wearings are stylish and comfortable, sometimes punky, sometimes preppy. Let's have a look at the following fashion styles of the teen star Miley Cyrus to see how they are inappropriate.

  • Engagement Rings of Celebrities
    Louis Brown2010/12/02 16:51:14 pm| 13086 views|0

    Celebrity engagements are always on the cover the tabloids. Seemingly, the upcoming marriage is equally as excited as the engagement rock. Regularly, there is almost no better way to inform the pending marriage by giving a diamond engagement ring. The same happens to the celebrities. Many actresses, famous singers and athletes own mammoth engagement ring. The size of the diamond is not the key to the sparkler of diamond rings. 

  • Strange-looking Cats Ever
    Louis Brown2011/02/05 16:00:02 pm| 12623 views|0

     Have you ever seen a cat with four ears, a cat with “angel wings”, and a cat with no face? Or have you ever raised a cat with two faces? If you are curious about cats like this, let’s have a look at several photos as below to discover:

  • Hollywood Stars: With and Without Make-up
    Louis Brown2011/01/11 15:33:48 pm| 11855 views|0

    We are using to be custom with the gorgeous appearances of Hollywood stars whenever they hit the red carpet of arrive in parties or events. As a fact, celebrities often wear a lot of make up in order to have wonderful and flawless looking in front of their fans and press media. It is possible to say that lengthy lashes, clumps of mascara and foundation do a great face all the time. That is the reason why some Hollywood celebrities prefer dying rather than being caught without patching paints on their faces. However, sometimes they let themselves into wrong place – in front of the cameras of paparazzi. Here are the pictures of most beautiful and sexiest celebrities with and without make-up.

  • Best Hair and Makeup at 2011 Grammy Awards
    Louis Brown2011/02/17 14:59:50 pm| 11872 views|0

    The 53rd annual Grammy Awards took place on February 13, 2011 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The annual awards ceremony recognizes outstanding achievement in the music industry. The nominations of the 2011 Grammy Awards were announced on December 2010 and a total of 109 awards were also presented. The event drew much attention of many people. It also featured amazing performances of well-known artists as well as the present of famous stars such as Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, and Justin Bieber and many other distinguished pop musicians. This is the list of stars who owned the best hair and makeup at the event. Let’s have a look at them through the photos as below to learn more:

  • Craziest Outfits of Stars
    Louis Brown2011/01/26 13:14:56 pm| 11862 views|0

    Some celebrities mismanage their outfits when participate in just several important events. Meanwhile, the stages, especially the red carpet, are the places where all the star’s fashion styles will be shown, commended as well as criticized. Therefore, they sometimes may feel ashamed. However, there are also stars who wear crazy clothing everyday and everywhere. Appearing on the stage with unique fashion style, stars including Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, Katy Perry, Lady GaGa, Lily Allen, Kylie Minogue and Pamela Anderson and so on not only gives audiences strong impression with their appearances but also make audiences surprised with their crazy style.