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  • In 1996, McGraw teamed up with Warner Brothers and artist Faith Hill for the Spontaneous Combustion tour. It seems that spontaneous combustion is an appropriate description for this couple's beginnings. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill were married in October 1996. As a couple, they've soared to the top of the country charts with romantic duets such as "Let's Make Love" and "It's Your Love." Their ballad

  • Lady Gaga (real name Stefani Germanotti) caused controversy last week when she looked like a raunchy Secretary Hilary Clinton, wife of the U.S former president Bill Clinton, with her black suit, silver pearls, shoulder-length blonde hair and a pair of sky-high platform heels. She was recognized with her family in New Jersey on Wednesday, visiting a nursing home in Lincoln Park with mother Cynthia Germanotta and her boyfriend Luc Carl. Many of the tabloids have seen the similar looks of these two powerful women in their articles.

  • Wondering if your dog could be pregnant? Looking for the signs and signals? Find out more about what to look for.

  • Revitalize Your Skin!
    Anna Thomson2011/08/05 17:51:54 pm| 0 views|0

    Away with the summer but you could try to stow away the sunscreen and moisturizers and daily skin care that you have followed. Well, hold your horses.

  • Relaxing Beauty Treatments
    Anna Thomson2011/08/04 19:40:23 pm| 0 views|0

    Beauty treatments are great opportunities for those who want to not only look good but also relaxed. There are a few different kinds of beauty treatments, which will surely have your pleasure.

  • Different Nail Colors
    Anna Thomson2011/08/22 19:42:23 pm| 0 views|0

    For many people, nail color - also known as nail polish, nail paint, nail polish and nail varnish - is what manicured nails are a about.

  • What color family is right for you? Their skin is cool, warm, neutral or undertones? Let us explore paint together.

  • With the current state of markets and the downgrade in the US credit rating, it is natural for the construction industry to a take a hit.

  • For some guys it all seems effortless, doesn't it? They seem to move with ease through life naturally earning the approval--and the respect--of most everyone they meet. When they speak, ears around them perk up eagerly awaiting what is going to be said next. Whatever they do, others just want to be a part of it. And everything they touch seems to turn to gold...all thanks to the "halo effect" that

  • A guidebook launched by U . s . Psychiatric Association which may be utilized to successfully identify just about all mental health diseases, identifies character problems as behaviours associated with routine as well as tendencies that are substantially unique in comparison to the particular standard.

  • Most Stylish Stars Under 20 in 2010
    Louis Brown2011/01/04 09:38:39 am| 43424 views|0

    Music, fashion and movies are getting close than ever these days. In every entertainment industry, it is easy to recognize that the prominent stars and idols turn into stylish icons. Fashion trendsetters are getting younger and younger these days. There is an endless inspiration for fashion designers to make outfits from red carpet to stages for stars. Needless to say, fashion trendsetters are becoming younger and younger these days. The Hollywood’s future stars stirs in hit movies, famous television shows and grace magazine covers. All of them have proved to be the style icon thanks to glamorous red-carpet gowns and unique everyday casual style. Here are 10 most stylist young icons of Hollywood.

  • Lady Gaga’s Craziest Hairstyles
    Louis Brown2011/03/30 13:08:35 pm| 2477 views|0

    Lady Gaga has made many unique record styles. The 25-year-old singer has been shocking the Paparazzi and fans all over the world. Gaga is best known for her ever changing style, including hairstyles. Some of her hairstyles are strange, and some are amazing. The talented American signer is not afraid of appearing with ugly looks, so she are always ready to do anything to satisfy her fashion creativeness and become outstanding from the crowds of the entertainment industry. Here are the most impressive, creative and craziest hairstyles of the Lady Gaga

  • Modern Iron Doors
    norah edward2011/08/28 03:11:53 am| 0 views|0

    In today’s world of crimes and criminals, nobody and nothing is ever safe anymore. It is difficult to trust even people who are close to you from stealing and cheating on you.

  • Nail Art: Most Original Designs
    Louis Brown2010/07/31 11:49:58 am| 19874 views|1

    Nail art has nowadays become among the hottest fashion trends. Clothes, shoes, hairstyles, makeup styles seem to be more stylish and fashionable than ever thanks to mixure with nail samples. A nice and original sample depends on lots of important factors including nail polish colors, experiences and imagination of nail artists. It's amazing that nature can harmonize with humans through the beauty of nails, from flowers, animals, fruits, to food, and famous symbols such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, all are shown off on nails. Below are the most original nail designs for you to select and comment.

  • There are requirements to improve the beauty of their kitchen, their dining area, their living room etc but only a few notices their basement.

  • When you look at the very core of who you are and ask yourself why you believe you are worth less, what do you hear? What put this in your thoughts originally, and why is it there? For the doubt stems from somewhere, you didn't always believe less of yourself.

  • Accessories for the bathroom can make a world of difference when it comes to enhancing the décor of your room. As well as adding style to your bathroom they are an expression of our personalities which is most definitely an important aspect that should be added to our homes.

  • What are the symptoms of inner peace
    Dia Thabet-0001/11/30 00:00:00 am| 0 views|0

    Symptoms of inner peace What are some of the symptoms of inner peace? How do you know that you really have inner peace and serenity? In this time and age, we tend to get stressed over many things in life as we live in a fast paced world. Family, friends, job, health among other things are causing millions of people stress and anxiety on a daily basis. Some of this stress is light and we can deal with it easily and some of it is not too easy that it takes effort and time to manage and handle

  • Modern Moving Companies
    jerrirose@ymail.com2011/08/28 05:00:42 am| 0 views|0

    Moving company business has been known for a long time and many people has tested there fortune by making moving companies.

  • Clairvoyance
    Jill Magso2011/08/23 21:03:22 pm| 0 views|0

    Clairvoyance is the natural ability to gain specific information about an event, physical happening, person, objects or of a particular place by using the senses other than 5 human senses.