Top Things That You Should Not To Wear To Work

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You always want to look fashionable 24 hours a day, especially at work. Not only the styles and colors but also lengths and fit of your fashion choices will speak volumes about your ability to do your job. Although getting dressed for the office doesn't mean leaving your personal style behind, there are things that you should never wear to work.

1. Too many accessories and excess perfume

You may think you are judged at your workplace only by your performance. However, your appearance counts as well. Too many accessories such as jewelry and bling can make you look unprofessional and even distracting. Similarly, you may love your new perfume but your colleagues or co-workers might be sensitive to strong smells. Therefore, keep your outfits and jewellery minimalist and elegant to look presentable at work.

2. Anything resembling lingerie, revealing and skimpy clothes

Lingerie-inspired pieces, sequins, revealing and skimpy clothes, or something that's just too sexy are a definite don't for work. Donning something that sticks to your body and highlights your shape will draw the wrong attention. Those clothes will cause your co-workers to whisper about you or notice your short dresses instead of your skills. Super-sheer shirts, low-cut tops, sequined jackets, short hem skirts or dresses are not work-friendly things that you should avoid.

3. Low-waist pants and leather pants

Low-waist pants and leather pants are unacceptable at work because they give out an impression of careless and reckless personality.

4. Too much make up

Makeup is an integral part of the look and you are expected to look professional and elegant at the workplace. So you should go light on the makeup to be subtle and sober instead of becoming a caricature of Mimi from the Drew Carey Show.

5. Flip-flops, sneakers, gardening shoes or snow boots

Of all the items not to wear to work, sneakers rank highest in the ability to put a sweat sock in your career. Besides, flip-flops, gardening shoes or snow boots give a very casual look and absolutely not suitable to be worn in the office. So leave your favorite pair of flip-flops for the beach and sport proper footwear to look professional at work.

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Top Things That You Should Not To Wear To Work

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This article was published on 2013/08/23