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  • Most Well-known Couples in Football
    Louis Brown2011/05/06 20:03:38 pm| 18261 views|5

    Football is the most popular global sports. Therefore, handsome football players always draw great attention from their fans. We can’t also deny that football stars such as Lionel Messi, Kaka, Gerard Pique, Fernando Gago, Carles Puyol and Cristiano Ronaldo and so on have been surrounded by many beautiful girls, including super model Irina Shayk, singer Shakira and talented tennis player Gisela Dulko.

  • In addition to dramatic competitions, the world's tennis industry has become an unlimited inspiration to global sports thanks to tennis stars' costumes. As to be known, tennis is among the most favorable sports where sense of fashion has a great impact on human glamor. As a glamorous sport, most of the female tennis players are elegant and well-shaped, apart from talented males. That's the reason why each time they have appeared in tennis competitions, various fashion styles have been shown off. There are some tennis players not only being well-known for their excellent performances, but for their significance in terms of beauty and fashion style such as Ami White, Venus Williams, and Serena Williams. Let's take a look at the most impressive images of original fashion styles among tennis stars of all time.

  • May Horoscope 2012 is what you can get online from any Digital Astrological Website. How this month will run and how your much-aspired dreams are going to be true are some of the basic things which we all want to know from the core of our hearts.

  • Glamorous Hairstyles of Nicki Minaj
    Louis Brown2011/04/05 13:53:19 pm| 5382 views|0

    Nicki Minaj is well known all over the world as princess of hip hop and R&B, her debut album was even listed No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. The pop singer also becomes the centre of attention due to her scandals and weird fashion taste including hairstyles so many people call this beauty next Lady Gaga. However, it is not deniable that the 27-year-old knows how to change her look everyday by creating different and multi colored hairstyles. She is sometimes seen in a mid length bob with green color but the diva could wears a high, white and cotton-ball puff at the top of her head a day later. Now, let take a look at Nicki Minaj’s glamorous hairstyles.

  • Unique Body Piercings of Stars
    Louis Brown2011/02/28 11:13:55 am| 8475 views|0

    Body piercings can be traced back to ancient times. History books demonstrate that in many different cultures, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans beautified themselves with various kinds of tattooes and piercings. They believed that these body arts could importantly protect them from the evils. Nowadays, body piercings are has become painful pleasures for individuals as well as a form of trendy art to

  • In 1996, McGraw teamed up with Warner Brothers and artist Faith Hill for the Spontaneous Combustion tour. It seems that spontaneous combustion is an appropriate description for this couple's beginnings. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill were married in October 1996. As a couple, they've soared to the top of the country charts with romantic duets such as "Let's Make Love" and "It's Your Love." Their ballad

  • Russian supermodel Irina Shayk, girlfriend of football star Cristiano Ronaldo and the American fashion model Brooklyn Decker, who is also known for her marriage to tennis player Andy Roddick, have made their appearances in the preparation for the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar. Besides Irina Shayk and Brooklyn Decker, bikini-clad Kate Upton, Chrissy Teigen, Jessica White, Anne V and Alyssa Miller have also graced the page of the 12-month spread.

  • Best dressed celebrity kids in Hollywood
    Louis Brown2010/09/18 09:05:26 am| 47595 views|1

    As princes and princesses of celebrity couples, the following kids always appear in public and in front of the camera wearing the most fashionable clothes. While Suri Cruise looks like an adorable girl, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt prefers tomboy style. Let’s have a look at the best dresses celebrity kids in Hollywood as follows:

  • Elizabeth Taylor: A Great Mother
    Louis Brown2011/03/25 13:19:02 pm| 2474 views|0

    Famous roles in 50 movies of Elizabeth Taylor are not mentioned as much as her personal life, especially the eight weddings with 7 men. She got married at the age of 18 with the first husband, Nicky Hilton, the son of Hilton Hotels Corp’s chairman. The marriage was unhappy and soon ended in divorce after nine months. Her husbands in turn are Michael Wilding, Michael Todd, Eddie Fisher, Richard Burton(remarried in 1975), John Warner, and the last man, Larry Fortensky in 1991. Furthermore, her famous career was proved with 2 Oscar awards, 100 surgeries, and £360 ml assets. With such an impressive profile, the English-born American actress is not only considered as a talent woman, but also a sweet mother and grandmother of four children, ten grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.

  • Oval Office in different presidencies
    Louis Brown2010/09/08 14:48:53 pm| 1757 views|0

    The Oval Office, created in 1909, is the U.S. President’s formal workspace where he meets and confers with the heads of the state or diplomats. As an expansion of the West Wing inside the White House, it was inspired by the Blue Room. Whenever a new president takes office, he tends to make several renovation to the White House decor to suit his own taste such as selecting new furniture, putting a new rug on the floor, or changing a new drape. Therefore, many Americans generally associate their commander in chief with the Oval Office. In this article, we will have chances to discover the Oval Office during different presidencies.

  • How To Boil Broccoli
    Elroy Tyner2010/10/27 14:30:50 pm| 5868 views|2

    Broccoli is among the most delicious cum healthy vegetables which could not be shred from daily meals. Watch out when you steam, boil or bake broccoli as it is capable of losing its nutrients and tastes awful when overcooked.

  • Lipstick and Interesting Facts
    Louis Brown2011/03/14 15:52:23 pm| 14338 views|0

    Applying lipstick has become a daily routine of most modern women as a part of make – up. However, not all lipstick users care about the product in another way than a useful make up. In fact, lipstick has a very long and colorful history. The first lipstick is believed to appear more than four thousand years ago in the Ancient Egypt. At that time, lipstick was of dark shades and made from henna used today as hair dye but unfortunately also quite toxic. The Middle Ages was really a hard time for lipsticks when the Church proscribed any kinds of wearing lipstick. According to their belief, women wearing lipstick should be taken to witches.

  • Bag Styles of Hollywood celebrities
    Louis Brown2010/03/16 17:16:30 pm| 5690 views|0

    It is certain that the famous brands are always the first choice for beautiful actresses to show their own styles. In their wardrobe, bag is seen as one of necessary accessories when they appear in t

  • Like other celebrities, Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively looks changeable over years. Her most outstanding transformation is her hair.

  • Hollywood kids are also exposed to the limelight almost as much as their famous parents. Getting a little inspiration from the parents, celebrity kids have defined their own sense of style. While Suri Cruise, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes daughter, often wears pink gowns and high heels for casual outings with her parents, four-year old Shiloh Jolie-Pitt opts for peacoats and Adidas kicks. At the tender age, she pushes boundaries with her tomboy attire, wearing paperboy caps, boy’s neckties, and sporting polo shirts.

  • Royal Tiaras of Ladies
    Louis Brown2010/12/20 21:11:40 pm| 26746 views|1

    Prince William, son of Princess Diana, and Kate Middleton have recently engaged and they will marry at Westminster Abbey in London on April 29, 2011. The wedding will be an exciting and important moment. Kate was just born in a common family, but she has become the center of all Britain media after the new of marriage has been announced. Royalty has given Kate special training in order to make her confident when she faces thousands of people and suitable for the life if she becomes princess or queen. When Kate appears in her wedding at Westminster Abbey, she may wear one of many crowns in the royal collection including the crown of the Duchess of Teck, the Strathmore and the Delhi Durbar.

  • Some months ago, super soccer star David Beckham and his wife, former “Spice Girls” singer Victoria Beckham announced that they will welcome the sixth member of their family, an unborn baby girl. This means the couple has a large brood of four kids, three sons and a daughter. In addition to the Beckham, other Hollywood super-sized celebrity families attract more and more attention.

  • Hollywood Stars: With and Without Make-up
    Louis Brown2011/01/11 15:33:48 pm| 11855 views|0

    We are using to be custom with the gorgeous appearances of Hollywood stars whenever they hit the red carpet of arrive in parties or events. As a fact, celebrities often wear a lot of make up in order to have wonderful and flawless looking in front of their fans and press media. It is possible to say that lengthy lashes, clumps of mascara and foundation do a great face all the time. That is the reason why some Hollywood celebrities prefer dying rather than being caught without patching paints on their faces. However, sometimes they let themselves into wrong place – in front of the cameras of paparazzi. Here are the pictures of most beautiful and sexiest celebrities with and without make-up.

  • Discover Kardashian Beauty Empire
    Louis Brown2011/03/21 14:46:09 pm| 2518 views|0

    Kourtney, Khloe, Kim, Kendall and Kylie are five gorgeous and talented sisters of the Kardashian family that often makes headlines with a lot of dramas, issues or even scandals. Their mom, Matriarch Kris Jenner, is almost entirely responsible for her family's huge business empire. According to a recent reveal in The Hollywood Reporter, this big family earned $65 millions last year, more than Sandra Bullock, Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie combined, thank to hit reality TV shows like “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” and a series of marketing deals. Besides, individual members of the Kardashian clan also successfully sign lucrative contracts in their own right. For example, Kim is able to earn up to $250,000 at an event while her sisters, Khloe and Kourtney, can be booked for $25,000 a piece.

  • Wedding Dresses of Princesses and Queens
    Louis Brown2011/01/05 13:06:14 pm| 19408 views|0

    Every girl wants to looks as beautiful as a princess or a queen in the most important day of her life. Apart from hiring the excellent make-up artist to make sure she is the most beautiful lady on her day, a bride would hire the best designer in order to create an extremely stylish wedding gown which makes her look gorgeous and outstanding. How about people who are real princesses or queens? Do you want to know about the wedding gowns that famous and powerful women such as Princess Maxima of Netherlands, Princess Martha Louise of Norway, Princess of Wales Diana, and Queen Rania of Jordan used to wear in their wedding? Let’s have a look at these photos as below to get the answers.